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The Pub That Floods

We are famous for being the pub that floods in Richmond, where high tides, high vibes, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience come together.

High Tides, Good Vibes

Picture this: you’re stuck in the pub because of a high tide, but hey, who’s complaining? With a cold drink in hand, the Thames lapping at your feet, it’s like nature’s own little party trick! As the water rises, so does the banter among your pals, and no need to fight it out who’s brave enough to wade to the bar for the next round, we’ll hand deliver it you when you order via our On Tap app.

When the famous high tide sweeps in and floods our pub, don’t fret about soggy footwear – we’ve got you covered. We understand and champion the allure of a flooded adventure, which is why we provide complimentary wellies for our guests.

When the high tide rolls in (at 4.5 metres to be precise), it’s not just a ‘should we brave it’ decision, it’s THE quintessential Richmond experience, and timing your visit for when our pub floods is an absolute must for a Richmond adventure you’ll never forget.

Pre plan your high tide visit

Prepare to ride the tidal rollercoaster of fun with us by pre-planning your high tide visit. Jump into a pub scene like no other, where the rising waters will go down in group chat history and the excitement rolls in on a wave of good vibes. And hey, who knows, you might even find yourself doing the “high tide shuffle” as you make a splashy entrance to snag that next round. Check out the tides below, any tide from 4.5 metres is when you should be making a beeline to us!

Splash On Over

Dive into the summer vibes whilst you are with us with our signature Summer Spritz serves, guaranteed to delight and leave you feeling refreshed. Whether your preference leans toward gin, tequila, or a refreshing non-alcoholic alternative, we have something for everyone this Summer when the tide rolls in.

Oyster Shack

Join us every Saturday and Sunday at our ‘Oyster Shack’ for a real taste of the season! We are the bonafide connoisseurs of Rock Oysters and Richmond’s masters of garnishes. So if you like shucking it up at the weekend be sure to sail on over to us for your sensational Rock Oyster bite, perfectly paired with a chilled glass of English sparkling Nyetimber